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Welcome to the 2016/17 patrolling season.

Attached is the new roster that goes from Sept 24th till February 5th.

The number of patrols for this year remains the same as last year and we have tried to accommodate everyone’s wishes for the patrols they want to be on. We have also taken into account the dates when competitors will be away and rostered their patrols at times when there are no competitions on. To assist with this competitors have been grouped together in patrols.

There are still 5 active reserve/ long service patrol teams and we have put 2 of these patrols on each day so hopefully this allows more flexibility for you and will ensure we have enough people turn up. You can communicate between yourselves so at least 4 members turn up to each patrol.

Please remember if you cannot make your patrol please organise YOUR OWN swap with another member and let your Patrol Captain know so the team is still full and the log book is filled in correctly. We had a record 100% patrol attendance last season let’s try to beat it this year.

This year we have six new radios, all of which are stored in the patrol cupboard. This means that you will need to take one to use in the ATV and return it when your patrol finishes. Please make sure that the radios are placed in the charger so that they are charging. The channels on the radios are the same as for the old ones.

There is also a new ATV that works a little differently to the old one. The biggest difference is that this one has a handbrake. Remember to take it off before driving. If you are unsure how to use it, ask someone who knows. Please always wash ATV thoroughly after each use.

If during your patrol you notice any damage to any equipment or the clubhouse, please pass it on to Steve so we can get it fixed.

Just to note this change with surfcom this season- The correct procedure for sign on/off with SurfCom is: morning crew sign on with afternoon crew signing off ONLY.There is no midday/change of shift radio communications with SurfCom.

Steve Foggett is our Club Captain and he can be reached on  with any patrol queries

Andy Wright is our new first aid officer so he can be contacted on if we need any first aid equipment purchased or if there are any oxy viva or defib issues please contact him. If you use any of the first aid equipment or notice that something is not right let him know and note it in the patrol log.

Tony Greenland is the radio officer

Iain Robertson is the IRB/ATV captain so any issues with these contact him on

If you are not on this roster and should be could you please email Steve ASAP, there will also be amendments as people transfer and members circumstances change.

Don’t forget to re-join the club as soon as possible so you are covered by insurance.

Thanks again for volunteering and here’s to a great season.


Redhead SLSC Patrol Operations Manual 2015

Lifesaving Operations Guide (Flipbook)


Active Reserve List

Active Reserve Members

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